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What items are caffeine-free?

Our Taro Milk, Milk Trifecta, Brown Sugar Milk, Boricha, and Osmanthus are caffeine-free.

Are your pastries gluten-free? 

Yes they are! However, they are prepared in a facility that also handles gluten products. 


Why are you called Boba Drive? 

We are called Boba Drive because we want to be a destination for people who are looking for something to drink and/or a place to study and chat with friends. 

Is Boba Drive a chain?

No, it's not. This is our first location. 

Do you have stamp cards?

We have a loyalty program that helps you track points to redeem for free items. All you need to do is check in with your phone number after paying. 

What is the difference between regular milk and fresh milk?

Regular milk is our lactose-free creamer option while our fresh milk option uses organic Strauss milk. We call it "regular milk" to stay as true to the heritage of bubble tea as we can. 

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we sell eGift Cards. You can purchase them here.

What is a "Homey Discount?"

Customers who make a purchase and stay at our shop for more than an hour may purchase up to two additional items at a 10% discount. Simply present the receipt from your initial purchase (physical or virtual) to receive your discount for your second order. 

Why do you offer a "Homey Discount?"

We have always wanted our shop to be a place where people can come and feel at home. This is just a small gesture of our appreciation towards the people who help contribute to the atmosphere we are aiming for.

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